We would like to recommend King’s Paradise Hotel in Chungli which is close to the night market and takes 7 minutes to Zhongli Train Station by car. The convenience in traffic makes the hotel your first choice for accommodation in Zhongli.

Before dawn,
we guard and wait for you with the final lamp in the city to welcome you home.

   King's Paradise Hotel

Located in prime location and most prosperous area in Chungli, Taoyuan, King's Paradise Hotel
is unique and superior in geographical position.
The hotel is adjacent to SOGO Department Store, night market,
shopping district in front of the train station, and much more.
The graceful environment is peace and quiet in the midst of noisy bustle.
From cozy and simple guest rooms,
comfortable and spacious luxury suites to the delicate local cuisines of King’s Restaurant,
the hotel will become your second home warm and cozy
on your business trips or vacation.






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King's Paradise Hotel